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Smell Proof Storage Bags

Smart Stash is the leader in smell proof. Our carbon-lined technology absorbs the strongest of skunky odors by chemically binding odor particles to its pores. Smart Stash bags are the perfect choice for home, work, or on-the-go. Choose from a wide variety of small, medium, and large smell proof bags, pouches and cases.

Smart Stash Products


The 11x6" Smart Stash Bag for easy, convenient travel-storage. No reeking, no scents escape. Fits perfectly inside your backpack.The 8x6x3" Smart Stash Case w/ Combo Lock keeps scents in and hands out. Zippers interlock with built-in combination lock. Inner removable divider walls for a custom fit.

Double Velcro Bags

smart stash smell proof bags for weedOn Amazon

Combination Lock Cases

smart stash smell proof case with combination lockOn Amazon

Featured Products

The Smart Stash Bag w/ Combo Lock. Comes with 5 heat-sealable mylar baggies. Dual inner mesh pockets with dividers for customized storage. The Smart Stash 250ml Glass Jar w/ BPA-free lid. Holds up to 14 grams of herb. Protect your stash from UV light while preserving freshness. Includes bonus Boveda humidity pack.

Velcro + Zipper Lock Bag

smell proof bag with combination lock and mylar baggies bundleOn Amazon

Haf Ounce Stash Jar

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Industry Standard Packaging

Smart Stash 4x6" mylar bags hold up to a quarter ounce of herb. Heat sealable, reusable, strong zipper seal for long-term use. Store your herb while eliminating odors and preserving freshness.

Ziplock Mylar Baggies

4x6 smell proof bags for weedOn Amazon

Premium Dispensary Baggies

100 smell proof bags for weedOn Amazon

5-Star Amazon Reviews

No More Weed Smell!

We gave it to her for Christmas and I have not smelled the weed since! Whooo Hooo! Added bonus is the built in combination lock to keep it nice and secure!

Can't Lose The Keys

Got this to lock up medication on camping trips. Looks like it will be very useful and I won't lose the keys...there aren't any!

I love it most definitely worth the money

Smell..... lol what smell

Excellent Choice for smokers

Have variety of pockets for smokers and with lock feels safe

Too legit

Now I don’t have to be so paranoid when I’ve got weed on me. I’d recommend this to anyone worried about that dank smell lol

It Does The Job!

I was sceptical at first... Thinking this was just going to be like any other bag for someones stash, that it's durable, NOPE! A must buy! I love it! It keeps the smell in and it's a double seal.

Would repurchase

Its really a great bag and is completely smell proof. I love it

Discreet case

It’s perfect size to throw in backpack and holds a lot.


Not only does it contain any odors, but it’s stylish too. Fits just right for travel.

100% Smell Proof

Keeps the smell of "herbs" sealed. Haven't had any issues yet and I've had it for about month and a half.

It Works!

Can’t smell anything when it’s in this bag 😉

Best Pouch Very Sturdy

Love this pouch have never smells perfect

Completely smell proof.

100% effective! Can’t smell my weed even when it’s right in front of my nose in this bag.

Attention pot smoker

This is a must buy if you smoke weed

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