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Discreet Smell Proof Products

Smart Stash smell proof stash bags eliminate smells by trapping odor particles tightly inside. Our proprietary technology makes us the #1 most trusted choice for home storage, work, or travel.

Whether you need a small travel pouch, bag with lock, large storage case, ultraviolet glass jar, or heat-sealable mylar baggies — we are your one-stop shop for everything smell proof.

5-Star Reviews

Smart Stash products eliminate the most potent of aromas. No smells escape. Rest assured, no one knows what's inside your smell proof bag. Here's what customers have to say:

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Note: The official Smart Stash® brand has no affiliation with any other storefront or brand (like V Syndicate). We are the only true Smart Stash® brand. Proudly, Smart Stash® jars come with Boveda® humidity packs. Thank you, Boveda®.